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Students’ E-learning Take-up Intentions in Higher Education–A Case in China 

Duan, Y., He, Q., Feng, W., Li, D., & Fu, Z. (2010). A study on e-learning take-up intention from an innovation adoption perspective: A case in China. Comupters & Education, 55, 237-246. Article Review Duan et al's (2010) study from an innovation adoption perspective investigates Chinese students' intention of taking up e-learning degrees for higher …

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Use Podcasting with Higher Education Students 

Walls, S. M., Kucsera, J. V., Walker J. D., Taylor, W. A., McVaugh, N. K., & Robinson, D. H. (2010). Podcasting in education: Are students as ready and eager as we think they are? Computers & Education, 54, 371-378. Article Review Walls, et al 's (2010) study explores higher education students' perceptions of podcasting for …

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Reframing Children’s Text Production in Social Network 

Dowdall, C. (2009). Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions: Reframing Children's Text Production in Social Network. Literacy, 43(2), 91-99. Article Review Dowdall (2009) studied a child's texts creation on her profile pages on a UK social networking site named Bebo. Dowdall argues that while there is a growing body of literature about the disparateness between children's informal …

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A Strategic Adaptation of Ethnography across Online and Offline Spaces 

Leander, K. M. & Mckim, K. K. (2003). Tracing the Everyday 'Sitings' of Adolescents on the Internet: a strategic adaptation of ethnography across online and offline spaces. Education, Communication & Information, 3(2), 211-240. Article Review The learning experiences of young people has changed dramatically due to the advent of social media and innovative online environments. …

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