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Video Annotation beyond Content Delivery 

Hosak,B (2010) VideoANT: Extending Online Video Annotation beyond Content Delivery.TechTrends, 54(3). Article Review Educators and researchers agree that video can be used as an effective means to capture and review students’ presentations or performances (Broady & Le Duc, 1995; Garrison,1984). This paper is a review of the design and development of a tool called Video-ANT, …

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Mobile Learning at Abilene Christian University 

Perkins, S., & Saltsman, G. (2010). Mobile learning at Abilene Christian University: Success, challenges, and results. Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology, 6(1), 47-54. Article Review ACU launched a college-wide mobile learning initiative in 2008 by giving every freshman and faculty member an iPhone or iPod Touch, with a goal to facilitate students' …

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